She's 85. She's a Texas Republican. And she's a marijuana activist

WASHINGTON—Ann Lee, a Republican precinct chairman in southwest Houston, had her first marijuana epiphany around her 60th birthday.

A workplace fall paralyzed her son Richard from the waist down. When he began to use marijuana to treat his pain, she decided her lifelong opposition to the drug was wrong.

Her second epiphany came after her 80th birthday. NORML, the marijuana advocacy group, invited her to be part of a five-person panel discussion at a conference in 2012. “As we all talked,” she says, “we realized that three of us were Republicans!”

In 2007, Richard Lee founded Oaksterdam University, the pioneering medical marijuana trade school in Oakland. The day after the panel, Lee decided to start something herself: Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, or RAMP.

Richard was the original motivation for your activism?

He’s the one that got us in the marijuana business. He did the research, got out of the...

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