Proposed pot bills include decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana

Lawmakers in Springfield will consider several marijuana bills this session, including at least one that would decriminalize small amounts of pot.

Other proposed laws would:

  • Extend the now-delayed medical marijuana pilot program.
  • Add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions that make a patient qualified to use medical marijuana.
  • Allow adults to possess or grow small amounts of marijuana.

Several other marijuana-related bills also are proposed.

And proponents of legalized marijuana see this influx of legislation as “baby steps” on the way to legalization.

“I think it’s evident of the growing tide of lawmakers, as well at the public, realizing our current system is not working,” said Dan Linn, the executive director of Illinois NORML, a marijuana advocacy group.

He said there are plans to file a bill that would propose to regulate and tax recreational marijuana just as Colorado does.

Linn concedes that likely won’t...

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