Korean War veteran reveals long-time craft: Paraphernalia for sale

It all started at a music festival at Hawaii’s Diamond Head in 1972.

For a little extra spending money, Don Maile rented a booth to sell roach clips, pipes and bongs — devices for smoking marijuana.

Maile is almost 80 years old.

“I’ve always believed marijuana was created for healing mankind,” he said.

He is amazed that he can finally bring his craft out from under the radar and advertise it to potential customers.

“We are just starting to get used to the idea that I can do this legally now,” Maile said.

He makes the smoking paraphernalia in his garage workshop in the Madrona area of Camano Island.

Maile was 17 when he joined the military in 1952.

In many ways, he enjoyed Korea, and learned to speak Korean from the children there.

Originally from Massachusetts, Maile settled in Hawaii after his service.

He said soldiers did not commonly...

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