Consistency Key When Testing Edibles

In Oregon, edible labels seem to say one thing, while potency testing seems to say another. As the state’s marijuana testing industry suffers from a lack of regulation, edible packaging may not always reveal the truth about how much THC is contained within a marijuana-infused treat.

According to The Oregonian, “hazy science drives the making, testing and marketing of marijuana-infused edibles, a fast growing segment of Oregon’s booming medical marijuana market.” Although Oregon’s regulators assure customers that cannabis-infused treats go through an extensive testing process before being sold at the dispensary, investigative research suggests otherwise.

The Oregonian conducted a three-month investigation into the illegitimacies and discrepancies regarding the medical marijuana testing industry and the potency in marijuana edible products. In Oregon, testing is done by a “cottage industry,” with approximately 19 labs operating without clear supervision or scientific standards.

On the other hand, Colorado’s testing industry requires audits and on-site inspections. This legitimizes its...

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