2015 Canadian Medical Marijuana Outlook: Foggy With Sunny Patches

The Canadian Medical Marijuana experience for investors has for the most part been a tremendous letdown thus far. When Tweed Marijuana Inc. (TSX.V:TWD) lost 10 percent on its first day open of $3.32, and as of Friday last week accumulated a total YTD loss of 41 percent, the writing was on the wall.

Of course, that does not apply to insiders and early stage investors. Tweed founders paid as little as $0.15 a share, and their instant wealth came at the direct expense of retail investors.

But that is the game, and anybody who cries about it has no business investing in it.

Since Tweed’s underwhelming debut, there have been millions of dollars vaped by both licensed producers who are publicly traded, publicly traded mining companies who say they are on the cusp of a sex change, and even private co’s who are locked in liquidity limbo as...

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