Reedsport voters will decide marijuana taxes

The Reedsport City Council voted to approve taxes on marijuana sales, when those sales become legal, but voters in the city will have to approve those taxes.

Measure 10-136 will appear on the May 19 ballot.

“Before Measure 91 passed,” Reedsport City Manager Jonathan Wright said, “the City Council passed an ordinance that would institute a tax ... 5 percent on medicinal, 10 percent on recreational. Because of the city's charter, as amended in 2010, it cannot be imposed until ratified by a vote of the people.”

Measure 91 was the voter-approved Oregon initiative in November that legalized recreational marijuana. It takes effect on July 1. Medicinal marijuana was approved by voters in 1998.

The city is currently under a moratorium that prevents the opening of a marijuana shop in the city until after May 5. Many cities in the state passed the same criteria, to allow them...

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