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Drop that candy! It could be edible marijuana


Children and teens run risk with the new knock-off sweets such as “Twixed” and “Munchy Way,” which are passing as edible marijuana. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The sale of marijuana is legal in some states, and while there are many debates about this substance and adult usage, the evidence is clear that developing children should stay away from pot.

Keeping marijuana out of children’s hands might be more difficult now, however, not just because of legalization, but because marijuana is starting to look more and more like candy.

Flavored, edible marijuana was part of the natural evolution of commercialization. Candy-flavored products appeared in medical dispensaries almost immediately, and now the products sport names like “Buddahfinger,” “KeefKat,” “Twixed,” and “Munchy Way” –clear knock-offs of popular brand name candy items. The products are reminiscent to those used by the tobacco industry to allegedly target underage consumers.

“There’s the concern that young

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