'Wait and watch' before moving on marijuana, AG urges Nebraskans

Attorney General Doug Peterson urged people to "wait and watch" what happens in Colorado before deciding whether to ease Nebraska's marijuana restrictions.

"I'm a little bit surprised how quickly this is moving," Peterson said of the issue, speaking during a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday at the Country Club of Lincoln.

"If people want to go down this road, please at least have enough patience for the state of Nebraska to watch, listen and learn," he said.

Colorado began allowing the sale of marijuana for recreational use last year.

While Peterson didn't cite any specific results of that change, he alluded to an increased burden on education, mental health and law enforcement workers.

Marijuana is getting stronger, he said, and there is "more and more strong medical evidence that there is an issue here," particularly with how marijuana affects young people.

As attorney general, Peterson said he's spent more...

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