UPDATED: Health Canada denies medical marijuana licence to CEN Biotech

Despite receiving “final” rejection for a licence to operate a medical marijuana operation by Health Canada, it appears a Lakeshore-based company will proceed with legal challenges against both the federal and municipal governments.

CEN Biotech has been officially notified by the federal government they will not get a licence to operate what the company touted as Canada’s largest medical marijuana operation.

The company last month received “notice of intent to refuse” from Health Canada and days later in response launched a court challenge requesting a judicial review of the federal government’s decision.

CEN Biotech had 20 days after receiving the initial notice to provide information in writing to change the health agency’s decision under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

But according to a Health Canada statement released late Wednesday: “The Department has today notified the company that the decision to reject the application is now final.”

Health Canada spokesman Sean...

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