Marijuana Industry Reaches New Heights With Gourmet Kitchens, Day Spas And Maybe Even Luxury Hotels

At 7 Leaf Bed and Breakfast in Seattle, guests get the full gourmet, farm-to-table dining experience. Breakfasts are made with organic, fresh ingredients from the city's famed Pike Place Market. Artisan meats come directly from a local butcher; breads are bought at a nearby bakery. But what sets this homey, British townhouse-style bed and breakfast apart from other Seattle guesthouses is that anything prepared in 7 Leaf’s kitchen can be made with a little something extra: cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, for a little extra kick.

“Typically we offer sativa in the morning, so people don’t get couch-locked right off the bat,” said Jeremy Cooper, 43, owner of 7 Leaf, referring to when a person gets so stoned they can’t stand up. Sativa is the typically milder subspecies of the cannabis plant and is known for producing an uplifting, even energetic feeling.


At 7 Leaf...
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