Marijuana edible products need stronger regulation, Stanford experts say

Stanford Law Professors Rob MacCoun and Michelle Mello say that marijuana edibles, which look like snacks and are often highly potent, should be better regulated in an effort to protect young children.

Two Stanford law professors call for stronger regulations on the formulation and packaging of edible marijuana products, which children may have trouble distinguishing from snack foods.

States that have legalized marijuana need to put strong restrictions on the drug's edible products, according to two Stanford law professors.

In a new article in the New England Journal of MedicineRobert MacCoun and Michelle Mello of Stanford Law School wrote that one of the most notable features of the rollout of state-legalized retail sales of marijuana has been the tremendous popularity of edible products.

The problem is that marijuana edibles – which often look like candy or cookies and are frequently potent – increase the chances that children will overdose, they wrote in the...

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