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Weed 101: Legalized pot gets Ohio State class of its own

Professor Douglas Berman teaches a class about marijuana, so he has heard the jokes. He even allows a little pot humor in the classroom. But he isn’t especially fond of the nickname his class has picked up:

Weed 101.

“It’s a lot more than that,” Berman said about his class at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.

Flippant attitudes toward the marijuana debate are in part what inspired him to start teaching “ Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform,” which aims to cut through claims on both sides of the marijuana debate.

“This is a serious area that is a matter of significant public policy,” Berman said. “If we leave it to the snickers and the ha-ha’s and the people who think it’s a joke, you ensure that it’s not going to be regulated and reformed in a sensible way.”

The class, offered only on Fridays to deter students who...

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