Spain: Everyone Gets Behind #FreePannagh

A Trial to Decide the Future of the Spanish Cannabis Community

On 10 and 11 March the "Pannagh" association in Bilbao faces a hearing whose decision could be decisive for the whole process of legalising social cannabis clubsin Spain. Thus, the entire community of activists wishes to show its support to the group and its five indicted members, who face 22 years of prison and millions of euros in bail. 

#FreePannagh has been the most used "hashtag" in the Spanish cannabis community over the last few days. The objective is none other than to rally support and transmit messages of encouragement for the Basque ‘Pannagh’, association, which tomorrow faces a hearing to clarify in court the case that just over three years ago forced it to close, leading to the indictment of several of its members. 

The case is widely known, both for its implications and the...

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