The 10 Most Important Companies in the Marijuana Industry

Whether it was the end of prohibition, the start of the biotech revolution or the explosion of growth tied to the first decade of the Internet, a new set of companies and powerhouses have emerged as clear winners that went on to ultimately dominate their industries. Many investors and many speculators are betting that the field of medical marijuana and legalized marijuana or cannabis will be the next multibillion dollar frontier creating waves of new millionaires.

With states being the key regulatory and driving force of the cannabis industry, there are many businesses that are anxious to jump on this green wave. The website Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) has featured what it feels are the 10 most important companies in the cannabis industry today.

While these may be leaders in the emerging marijuana and cannabis field, none of these companies would be your traditional blue-chip stocks and well-established dividend players. CBE’s top...

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