Utah Senate votes down medical marijuana bill

Utah's Republican-controlled Senate rejected a bill Monday night allowing those with chronic and debilitating diseases to consume edible medical marijuana products.

Senators voted 15-14 against the proposal, citing concerns about unintended consequences and trouble with the language that they said needed to be studied later this year.

Saratoga Springs Republican Sen. Mark Madsen sponsored the bill, which would have forbidden the smoking of marijuana but allowed businesses to grow marijuana and sell pot-infused products such as brownies, candy and lozenges.

Madsen has said that if Utah could push past years of propaganda and misunderstanding surrounding the drug, it would bring compassion and freedom to those who are suffering. He also said medical pot has become a states' rights issue to push back against the federal government's overreach.

"I am disheartened by the fear that seems to be the underlying theme of the opposition," Madsen said Monday night.

Republican Gov. Gary...

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