Katy Perry visits Danish commune

Katy Perry visited Copenhagen's Christiania commune to 'get tips' on planning her own.

The 30-year-old Dark Horse singer is currently in Europe performing shows on her The Prismatic World Tour.

And when she reached Denmark's capital city, Katy was delighted to explore the controversial neighbourhood, which is also referred to as Freetown.

'Went to the commune Christiania in Copenhagen to get some tips on how to plan my own in the future. (sic),' she wrote on Instagram Friday, attached to a pic of her standing amidst a graffitied landscape warming her hands by a trash fire. '*PS IT WAS DOPE, PUN INTENDED* (sic)' she concluded. 

Formerly occupied by the military, Christiania became an area known for alternative living after the armed forces moved out. In 1971 various civilians began moving in, including the homeless, hippies, anarchists, entrepreneurs and revolutionaries. 

Various offices of the Danish government have attempted to kick people...

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