Families keep close eye on medical marijuana debate

Matt Phillips said that when his daughter Lillie Reese was born two and a half years ago, everything seemed fine.

“She was a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy baby ... until she was four months old. She stopped smiling,” he said. “She stopped laughing. She stopped rolling over. She just stopped developing.”

Doctors performed numerous tests and found she was suffering from a type of epilepsy called infantile spasms.

“Basically, her brain was being scrambled, and she was having seizures. Twenty-four hours a day,” Phillips said.

“Her brain is structurally normal. Usually, when children have infantile spasms they find brain malformations or lesions or some sort of brain injury,” Phillips said. “But they don’t know why she is having them.”

Since then, the Phillips family has gone through treatment after treatment seeking just to control those seizures.

“We’ve gone through pretty much every medicine, and the spasms continue to come back,”...

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