Texas lawmakers considering marijuana reform

Currently, there are 10 bills in Austin regarding decriminalizing or legalizing medicinal or recreational marijuana. 

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal and or recreational pot.

"Still haven't seen any reports on rioting, looting, society hasn't collapsed in the great state of Alaska and hasn't collapsed in any of the other states that have experimented with legalization or decriminalization or medical marijuana," Jake Syma said.

Some Texas law makers considering adding Texas as the 24th. 

There are eight bills in the House and two in the Senate, all regarding marijuana reform.

"I'm interested in how this goes, I hope it gets some legs, but I doubt it," Kenny Ketner said.

Ketner and the Lubbock County Democratic Party support decriminalizing pot. 

"I think that's a reasonable step we can all agree on to reduce some of the abuses that are happening within the justice system regarding marijuana laws,"...

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