New York - Medical marijuana trailblazer uproots Co. operation

A pioneer of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry is leaving the state for greener pastures – in New York.

Josh Stanley, who helped get legislation passed to legalize marijuana and opened the Peace in Medicine Center, Denver’s first medical marijuana dispensary, said he’ll completely relocate to New York.

He plans on opening four medical marijuana clinics and two marijuana farms there.

“I got tired of looking in the paper and seeing ads for joints,” Stanley said. “You see companies getting in on the ‘Green Rush’ … They’re peddling dope.”

Stanley said he wants to focus on cannabis-based pharmaceuticals.

“It’s become clear that the intention in New York is focused solely on medical,” he said. “One of the things in the bill is no smoking raw flowers, so it’s just concentrates.”

That’s a stark contrast to the Colorado marijuana industry, where 148,000 pounds of marijuana buds that are used for smoking were...

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