In Germany, it's a painstaking path to medical marijuana

It's pain week here in Germany. And one of the topics being discussed is medical marijuana. Right now, only very few Germans are allowed to smoke marijuana to relieve pain. Meet Lars Scheimann, one of them...

When he was seven years old, Lars Scheimann was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. Looking back, he says he would often slam his head against the wall, completely randomly, or that he had no control over his shoulders or the muscles in his face, particularly his mouth.

Now 44, he says back then he was given all kinds of hard medication, but that nothing worked. That is, until he was passed a joint at a party when he was 22. "Ten minutes after the first puff, I could feel my nervous spasms go away," said Scheimann, of what he now calls the "best day of my life."

Scheimann smokes all

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