Fatal attraction to synthetic cannabis is an unnatural high

Let's face it, we all like to get high, whether it be booze or bungee jumping; bongs or bongo playing; amphetamines or an adrenaline rush – everyone likes a diversion from the daily grind (unless it is a double shot latte accompanied by an Italian digestive biscuit).

Sadly this correspondent's greatest thrill these days comes from watching Hawthorn premiership DVDs while wearing a pair of Junior Rioli's discarded game-day socks.

So if someone came along with cannabis-like product that mimicked pot, was borderline legal, and wouldn't be detected on drug tests it would be too good to be true.

Synthetic cannabis is sold as harmless herbal incense branded as "not for human consumption." In reality the waiver is a cynical get-out clause to try and protect those profiting from the lucrative artificial pot market.

Synthetic cannabis is sold as harmless herbal incense branded as "not

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