Dutch Embassy Fires Back At Washington On Amsterdam Pot Rules

The Dutch embassy in Washington DC went to extreme, witty lengths last month to put straight a misconception it says city hall there has created about marijuana use in Amsterdam.

[The Dutch embassy's infographic with an Amsterdam Washington comparison]

The Dutch embassy’s infographic with an Amsterdam Washington comparison

The embassy issued a news release that links to an infographic that lays out a comparison between the two cities. The infographic is best described as cynical and sarcastic.

What prompted it is a statement last week by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser that the District will not become “like Amsterdam,” as though being “like Amsterdam” would be a bad thing. The mayor was discussing “initiative 71” that became law on February 26, legalizing marijuana in Washington, D.C. under certain circumstances. The Dutch embassy said the statements and the fact that “City Hall even refers to Amsterdam in their official Q&A” were reason...

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