Packed room for hearing on bill that would legalize medical marijuana

Medics took him to the hospital with serious injuries. No word on how he ended up in the water. Tearful testimony at the state capital right now. Dozens of people lead to legalize cannabis oil. Lawmakers. 99 people aren't scheduled to testify. Alexandra stone is live. Alexandra: hearings are still going on inside of the capital. Y. Mostly supporters of a bill that would legalize medical use of marijuana. The supporters come from nebraska but also families from out-of-state who have come to say that cannabis can save lives. She remembers watching her young daughter charlotte seizing hundreds of times a day. Three years ago when she was five years old she was that the end of her life. She was seizing every 30 minutes. She was on oxygen. We brought her home on hospice. Alexandra: they were preparing for the and of her life. She found an option to...

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