CannLabs' StrainData Positions It To Be The Most Powerful Player In The Space

  • CANL's StrainData platform furthers the narrative that CANL is so much more than an analytics company.
  • CANL is now positioned to force at least some participation with it on the testing side with what should be quickly growing StrainData key metrics.
  • Acting as the "Google" of its space with StrainData CANL now has a completely vertical operation - something that historically has meant huge power across industries.
  • I continue to be bullish CANL on all durations.

CannLabs Inc.'s (OTCQB:CANL) StrainData platform is yet another reason to be bullish this under the radar company.

cannlabs strain data graph

I've been long CANL since late-October 2014 and continue to sing CANL's managements praises. CANL management is operating the company with a very unique, very "technology company" model rather than one traditionally deployed by an analytics company and StrainData is an excellent example of this....

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