Speed used in Norway to work longer hours: study

A University of Oslo study has found that amphetamines are often used by blue-collar workers such as carpenters, bricklayers, and rig workers, simply to work harder for longer hours.

The study, ‘High Speed: Amphetamine Use in the Context of Conventional Culture’, turns the perception that students, authors, and partygoers are the primary amphetamine user on its head. 
According to lead author Willy Pedersen, a professor of Sociology at the University and one of Norway’s leading proponents of cannabis legalisation, amphetamines are primarily a working-class drug the use of which is rooted in conventional working-class values. 
“Rather than being embedded in resistant values, as is cannabis and LSD use…amphetamine use can be viewed as emanating from the more conventional values of playing hard, working hard and treating illness,” he concluded. 
All of the working class men interviewed for the study had described beginning their amphetamine use in the...
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