One Colorado sheriff responds to peers’ anti-pot lawsuit: ‘I don’t get it’

By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff

As news broke this morning on the fourth federal lawsuit filed against Colorado marijuana — this one brought on by six in-state sheriffs and some of their peers in Nebraska and Kansas — we listened to these officials talk about their concerns.

As plaintiff Chad Day, sheriff of Yuma County, said: “As a Colorado sheriff, I am put in an untenable position because virtually every time I support Colorado’s marijuana law, I violate federal law, and virtually every time I attempt to support federal law, I violate Amendment 64. My deputies and I, and all of our law-enforcement officers, need to know where the law stands, what we are to enforce and whether marijuana is legal or illegal. Right now, it is chaotic and contradictory – and all parties are at risk as a result.”

It made us wonder: Do

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