San Diego Scientist: Every Medical Pot Study Showed A Benefit To The Patient

When voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical pot. There was only one problem. Scientists still hadn't firmly established marijuana's effectiveness as medicine.

"It'll cost you some money but these studies have not been done before," he told the legislators."My recommendation was, look, establish a center to study this," said Grant, who'd previously looked into whether moderate marijuana use causes long-term brain damage (conclusion: it doesn't).

Soon, Grant found himself in charge of the new state-funded Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

It was an enviable position. Many scientists in the United States would love to do experiments using pot, but it's been incredibly difficult to study. The Drug Enforcement Administration lists marijuana as a schedule one drug alongside heroin and ecstasy.

It's a category reserved for drugs with "no currently accepted medical use." Grant said his work challenging that...

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