Physician Profile: Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather

The cannabis extract movement has largely been pioneered by those not in the medical profession. This is mainly due to the Schedule I placement of cannabis, which restricts research and limits the ability of doctors to provide meaningful guidance. Thankfully, some physicians have found a way to directly treat patients and become cannabis specialists.



Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather’s Background

jeffrey-hergenrather-mdDr. Jeffrey Hergenrather is easily one of the most important cannabis physicians working today. He was recently named Medical Professional of the Year in the Americans for Safe Access’ 2015 Excellence Awards. He is also the President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, an organization representing physicians treating patients with cannabis.

The reputation Dr. Hergenrather has established for himself in Sebastopol, California is impressive. The Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana, which advocates for favorable medicinal cannabis policies in Dr....

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