Paraguay Next to Legalize Marijuana Says President of Congress

A high-profile Paraguayan senator has called for marijuana decriminalization in the landlocked South American country, in a bid to “put an end to the drug-traffickers’ business.”+

Senator Blas Llano, chair of the National Congress, made the proposal in the southern Paraguayan town of San Juan Bautista during a camp for the youth wing of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party, one of the country’s principal opposition parties.+

As long as the narcotic remains illegal, “marijuana trafficking will continue to be a discussion topic,” he told camp attendees over the weekend.+

This is not the first time that a Paraguayan congressmen has proposed drug-law reform. However, Llano is the most senior political figure yet in the country to back legalization.+

In December 2014, a liberal legislator introduced a bill that would decriminalize marijuana for personal use, as well as growth of up to 30 small plants per year.+

“Current legislation establishes two ways: first, through the rehabilitation of...

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