72% Of Utahans Support Safe Access to Medical Cannabis

SALT LAKE CITY — New poll results indicate that a strong majority of Utahns support medical cannabis, with widespread support across every demographic. A Y2 Analytics Poll (see topline results here) shows that 72% of likely voters in Utah believe certain doctors should be able to recommend medical cannabis to their patients with serious conditions—an even higher number of Utahns support Healthy Utah or "Right to Try" legislation that has received near-unanimous support from the legislature.

Additional findings from the poll, jointly sponsored by Drug Policy Project of Utah and Libertas Institute, include:

  • Majority support for medical cannabis use is consistent across every identified demographic group, including 66% of Republicans, 67% of self-described LDS or Mormon respondents, and 64% of respondents over age 65.
  • 52% of respondents know someone with cancer, epilepsy, or Alzheimer's—some of the illnesses that would qualify for medical cannabis under Senate Bill 259. Among those who personally know a patient of one of these serious illnesses, 74% support allowing specialist
  • ...
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