Our Thoughts on the 10 mg Proposal in SB62

The Alaska Cannabis Growers Association disagrees with the proposed 10 mg limit for edibles. This creates many problems for the consumer. When ingesting such a small amount of THC, there are a few things that could potentially be considered a problem.  For the average consumer, the small dose of 10mg is not likely to create a noticeable “psychoactive” or pain relieving effect.  For the first time user, this is a good amount to begin with, but for anyone that medicates, this is entirely too small. A medical patient may consume, in one dose, anywhere from 100 mg – 500 mg (sometime more) to obtain pain relief.

We must understand there will be a large portion of people using the recreational market in Alaska for their own self-medication. This proposal, if passed, will put an undue financial burden on a patient or consumer that is trying to alleviate pain by consuming large amounts of cannabinoids. (This method of treatment for pain alleviation is far better,...

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