Missouri Awards Hemp Cultivation Licenses

March 2, 2015

Missouri has joined the growing number of states legalizing CBD-based medicines.

The state awarded cultivation and production licenses for hemp to two companies, Noah’s Arc Foundation and BeLEAF Corporation. Mitch Meyers, the head of BeLEAF, also has plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary near Chicago, according to a Missouri TV station.

The licenses are the result of a law passed last year by the Missouri Legislature that allows epileptics to use processed non-psychoactive hemp oil to help control their seizures. No other medical ailments aside from epilepsy qualify patients for the hemp-based CBD oils in Missouri, so the business opportunities in the state remain extremely low.

Missouri is one of 10 states that have passed such a measure in recent years, following widespread media attention of a young girl with severe epilepsy in Colorado whose seizures were partially allayed by CBD oil. Other states with...

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