North Carolina Could Be The Next State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Good news for marijuana activists! A bill to make legal the use of medicinal marijuana in North Carolina passed its first reading in the General assembly. The bill, created to benefit ill patients, received support from the public and policymakers. The bill opens up people suffering from anorexia, Chron’s and cancer to the option of using medical marijuana.

“It’s logical. It makes sense,” said Representative Kelly M. Alexander, a Democrat. “It really boils down to the fact that there’s evidence that medical marijuana helps in a number of cases like PTSD and [side effects of] chemotherapy.”

“There is concern that people will use the law to get [prescriptions unethically], but that concern already exists in the prescription of medicine pill mills,” says Robert Capecchi, depurty director of state policies at the Marijuana Policy Project “In addition, marijuana is non-lethal and lacks the life-ending side effects that certain prescription medicines have.”...

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