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Colorado Marijuana Businesses Growing Less Than They Could

Colorado's marijuana industry is producing a lot less than it could, according to a state report released Friday.

Although state laws limit how many plants a business can cultivate, the monthly average for medical marijuana businesses last year ranged from a third to about half of what they could have produced, according to the annual update released Friday by the marijuana enforcement division of the Department of Revenue. The division estimates retail cultivation averaged 40 percent or less of the production limit.

Other highlights of the report:

-- Of Colorado's 312 cities and towns, 228 prohibit medical and retail licenses. Still, the places that allow sales include the state's population centers, among them Denver, the capital.

-- At the start of the year, the state had licensed 6,593 people to work in the marijuana industry. That had grown to 15,992 by year's end.

In addressing the disparity between the amount...

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