Marijuana Investing Update – Here Comes the Judge!

To be a good investor you have to know about the company, the industry, the macro-economics, and the legal context in which the investees operate.

If you’ve been following the MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) licencing story, you know it’s been a confounding morass of stumbling fits and starts. No jurisdiction in the world has gotten it right from the beginning, and we can add Canada to that list. Investments in public MMPR applicants or licence holders have been frustrating at best, a shocking loss of capital at worse.

A large part of the blame falls on over-enthusiastic investors, smoke-blowing promoters, and investment banking firms interested in inflated valuations and their next commission. That’s the same as with every bubble. What made it different this time was The Federal Court.

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Most of you reading this don’t know that Canada has an institution...

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