King of cannabis Nevil Schoenmakers stages a quiet comeback

In the hazy halls of marijuana folklore, one name reigns supreme: Nevil Schoenmakers.

The reclusive Australian/Dutch dual national's work breeding and improving the genetics of plants made him a legend among cannabis users in the 1980s, as his potent and hardy varieties become the basis for most of the strains widely used around the world today.

But after fleeing United States government attempts to extradite him from Australia to face a raft of drug-related charges, Schoenmakers vanished - until now.

As the Federal Parliament considers a Bill to regulate the medicinal use of cannabis and states and territories including the ACT and NSW explore ways of allowing gravely ill patients access to the drug legally, the man known as the King of Cannabis is staging a quiet comeback, more than two decades after his dramatic escape from authorities.

Schoenmakers, who set up one of the world's largest cannabis seed distribution...
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