Is Lewiston Greenhouse in the Running to Grow Medical Marijuana?

Sources in the Niagara County Republican Party say that the Republican dominated Niagara Country Legislature may soon hop on board to sponsor a resolution in support of Niagara County being a location to grow medical marijuana under the New York State Compassionate Care Act.

The Republicans are expected to caucus on the issue shortly.

Support from local legislative bodies is a condition of the application process for companies that wish to grow medical marijuana in New York.

Money may be at the heart of the county decision to consider support for a hometown grower.

Counties where medical marijuana is grown in New York will get 22.5 percent of the state's seven percent excise tax charged for medical marijuana.

How lucrative it will be is anybody's guess.

A report from Arcview Market Research says that across the country, profits from legal marijuana sales reached $2.7 billion in 2014, representing a 74%...

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