Slovakia Heading Towards Full Decriminalisation

Drug Strategy vs. Reality

Slovak media have reported on the proposed decriminalisation of illicit substances several times over the past two years. According to this news, the new law would end imprisonment for possession of small amounts of illicit drugs.  Possession of small amounts would instead become a simple misdemeanour. This would apply to all substances presently listed as illicit.

When inquiring into the driving force behind the proposal, Drugreporter heard that there had been no significant lobbying on the part of NGOs, but an increasing number of Slovak non-governmental and ministerial experts have come to recognise the validity of evidence from abroad underpinning the success of non-punitive drug policy approaches in other parts of the European Union. Another incentive for reform may have been the overcrowding in Slovakian prisons - although that was a much more pressing issue two years ago than it is today. In general, it can be...

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