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Pro-marijuana group to allow home grown in updated proposal

On Friday, the pro-marijuana group ResponsibleOhio pitched their initial ballot language for an amendment that would allow the legalization of marijuana in the state of Ohio.

One of the most controversial points of the proposal was that it was only going to allow 10 indoor marijuana farms throughout the state. Many marijuana supporters commented that they would not support a ballot that would not allow for home growing of marijuana. Others believed the initial ballot language would lead to the monopolization of the marijuana market in Ohio.

It's true, we've updated our proposal for legalizing#marijuana in #Ohio to allow home growing and lower taxes. pic.twitter.com/IDZC2uC8no

— Responsible Ohio (@ResponsibleOH) February 17, 2015


On Tuesday, ResponsibleOhio announced that it plans to revise its proposal to allow adults 21 and older to grow marijuana at home. Another change the group made to the proposal...

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