2 D Cartoon Animator Needed - Denver, CO, United States

I am the visionary and writer behind a Colorado Collective-Animated Series which we are hoping to launch before the Super Bowl. This series is focused around the humor of the rapidly evolving "world of Cannabis" so if you can't relate, please don't reply.

Here is where we are and where what we need to achieve in the next 20 days or so

We have:

1. Most of the characters already created (minor tweaking needed here and there nothing major)
2. We have the voice talent in house
3. We have a 3 minute song that is already produced
4. Trade Marks and Copyrights Registered

Here is what we need:

1. 3 minute Animation to be Choreographed to the song
2. 2-3 minute Animated intro (Very simple, one character, one landscape)
3. 2- 3 Minute Animation
4. a few "Extras" (Character Faces) Imposed in a bus (random other places)
5. The...

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