Drug Policy in Macedonia: From Punitive Laws, Towards a Public Health Approach

Even though Macedonia has decriminalised the possession of drugs for personal use, there remain many anomalies in the related regulations. Read our guest author's insights on what has to be done to make the country's laws serve the best interests of public health.

The First National Conference on Drug Policy took place at the end of September last year, organised by the HOPS-Healthy Options Project in Skopje, with the aim of opening up the debate on current trends in European drug policy, as well as reflecting the problems in Macedonia regarding judicial practices and other issues related to drugs. Fifty participants from Macedonia and other countries, among them the national drug coordinator from the Czech Republic, Jindrich Voboril, discussed whether repressive drug policies produce results, or whether the decriminalisation of drugs constitutes more effective policy. The discussion focussed especially on experience in Macedonia, Czech Republic, Russia and Slovenia. The main...

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