Police uproot 4,500 marijuana plants in Solomon Islands

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force officers at Tetere and Henderson Stations, on Tuesday morning raided two farms of marijuana plants at Mbarande river side in North East Guadalcanal.

One of the officers described the raid as a surprise to locals living around the area, when police show up in numbers, surrounded the site and uprooted more than 4,500 marijuana plants. 

Police said suspects escaped when police arrived in two vehicles. 

Police said it took 12 RSIPF officers more than an hour to destroy the whole garden of 3,000 harvest bottom plants and 1,500 mid-harvest plants, covering a 100meter size of ground. 

“The raid was planned with the support of the surrounding communities and police informant who helps police officers removed the illegal herbs.”  

Police urged members of the public to involve in commercial gardening of edible herbs other than planting illegal plants for easy money. 

“This plant will continue...

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