The Bureau: “Cannabis Needs to be More Like Fine Spirits”

According to Josh Gordon, CEO of The Bureau (formerly RODAWG), it’s about time that the cannabis industry becomes more like the fine spirits industry. As it currently stands, the market is growing, but Gordon thinks there’s still an unhealthy amount of ‘black market’ feeling hanging around.

But how do you eliminate something so ubiquitous? For Gordon and the team at The Bureau, it all boils down to branding.

Together with his team, Gordon has developed a strict plan that will help them fulfill this mission. He’s already actively engaged with investors, seeking to raise the next round of capital to continue doing custom packaging for dispensaries.

I sat down with Gordon to hear about how he started The Bureau and how, exactly, he’s choosing to build his legal cannabis brand.

Tech Cocktail: What was your personal journey into the industry?

Josh Gordon: As somebody who appreciates a good bottle of...

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