Thomas Quigley: The Common Bond of Cannabis

Investor Insight: Thomas Quigley, Tampa, FL

As he sat across from his doctor, listening closely as he was formally diagnosed with a late stage of cancer… he had thought that that was it; Thomas thought he was going to die. He wasn’t able to tolerate the proper medication and he was out of resources… until he discovered cannabis. Now, Thomas Quigley, CEO of Common Bond Collaborative, funds, mentors, and grows businesses in the cannabis industry to achieve success. Cannabis changed the direction of his life and now he’s stepping in and doing his part so that cannabis has the chance to save the lives of others.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

I think I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was a kid I would put on a baseball uniform and go door-to-door collecting donations for my team… only; I didn’t play...

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