Taking on the Challenge of Investing in Cannabis

Investor Insight: Fred Gross, New York, NY

Everyone faces challenges, but it’s how you face those challenges that makes the difference between you persevering and becoming successful or failing and buckling under the pressure. Fred Gross, founder of ManhattanCanna LLC, is one of those who made the right move, had the right perspective, and used positivity and the power of flexibility to power through and become the successful investor he is today! You learn something from every investor we highlight and we ensure that this peer into how Fred thinks, will open your mind that much more.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

I began as an entrepreneur about 12 years ago when I became a hedge fund manager. After graduating from business school at NYU in December 2001, I was left in a rather troubling situation; I had an MBA degree in Finance and Economics and there was a...

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