Greenhouse Marijuana: British Columbia’s Next Great Industry

One of the greatest social shifts of the decade is underway, tilting towards a normalized future for the consumption and production of cannabis. The legalization of this historically contentious plant is now supported by 66% of Canadian voters. 35 American states have legislated some form of decriminalization, medicalization, or regulated sale. Washington State is already reaping the hefty financial rewards of legalization, with a projected $190mil rolling into state coffers over the next 4 years. Cannabis activism has moved from the fringe to the mainstream. Will British Columbia capitalize on the sweeping change of this emerging industry, or be left in the dust by our American neighbors?

B.C. has long enjoyed a progressive social attitude towards cannabis, typified by laxlaw enforcement and diverse cultivation expertise. The Lower Mainland aligns proximity to quality farmland in the Fraser Valley, concentration of entrepreneurialcapital, and a broad user base. Vancouver is positioned to be the nexus of a...

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