The Cannabis Industry and Its Roadblock

Cashinbis came into this space with a simple mission at its core – To relinquish the stigma against the industry by educating and inspiring its readers. It started out as something so simple, but has grown to be this incredible multifaceted platform that has captivated the attention of entrepreneurs, advocates, curious onlookers, and investors alike. We are constantly pushing forward with positive results, but we are beginning to see something materializing up ahead that may limit our industry’s potential. The momentum is there, the passion is there, the drive is there, so what is this roadblock up ahead and how can we surpass it?

At Cashinbis, we’re problem solvers. We came into this space when we realized that there were these amazing, innovative minds in this industry that no one knew about. We did our homework, buried ourselves in research, and published our first article on Miguel Lozano of

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