Mentorship-Driven Seed-Stage Investment Program for Startups in the Cannabis Industry

Investor Insight: Patrick Rea, Boulder, CO

Being in the business of the cannabis industry is a multi-dimensional experience. There are many different players involved, there are countless variables, and it’s a business that is not for the weak-willed or faint-of-drive. We, at Cashinbis, are dedicated to providing you unparalleled insight into this captivating industry and giving you the story behind every face. And as we are sure you already know, there are always two sides to every story; this one is no different. You’ve met the entrepreneurs and their innovations, now it’s time you meet the people who are taking those innovations to the top: The Investors.

He’s not just an investor, he’s a business accelerator. He will not be found sitting back with his feet popped up, rather, you’ll find him on the ground, doing all that he can do to make your idea the best it can be....

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