Breaking Ground with Inda-Gro

There are a million different ways we could begin to tell you why we are so intrigued and, ultimately, captivated by what is going on over at Inda-Gro, but let’s start with a question, plain and simple: What makes Inda-Gro the #1 manufacturer of induction grow lights in the world? What technology are they harnessing to surpass their competition? How are they proving in-house that their products not only work, but exceed expectations for plant yield and growth? Well, we thought it best to grab a bit of first-hand insight ourselves, so we headed over to their San Diego facility to discover what makes Inda-Gro products some of the best of the best!

Let’s just start by saying that when we arrived, we were greeted with a host of smiles and a trio of barking dogs to welcome us. That’s always a great start to understanding the...

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