Are Your Marijuana Products Adequately Labeled To Protect You From Lawsuits?

What would happen if you failed to provide adequate label warnings for marijuana (including concentrates or oils) and marijuana-infused edible products, and someone was hurt by it? The answer may lie in what is referred to as “strict product liability for failure-to-warn.”

The term “strict liability” is an intimidating legal theory, because it means legal liability without fault or negligence. This legal theory does not include the concept of intent. In other words, it may not matter that a product manufacturer or distributer did something with intention to hurt anyone. A defendant in a strict liability lawsuit could be liable if the product had an inadequate warning label when it left their control. Inadequate meaning, for example, there was not enough information, or information was stated improperly. Potential defendants in a strict liability failure-to-warn lawsuit include the manufacturer, seller and distributer of a product.

When flowers, oils or infused-food products...

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